Jarrow Jaunt - River Don Saltmarsh and St Paul's Church

Length of walk

Distance: 0.5 to 0.75 mile

Time: 30 to 45 minutes

Type of walk

Mainly tarmac paths with a small steep slope and some narrow parts so the full walk isn't accessible. However, the play area and picnic area are accessible from the bus stops and the car park via tarmac paths and pavements.

A short walk suitable for younger children.

Where to start

There is a free car park down the lane at the side of the church, off Church Bank and there are bus stops on either side of Church Bank with buses coming from Jarrow and South Shields.

Starting from the car park you can go over to the river bank and depending on the time of year you might see swans, ducks and various wading birds on the River Don Saltmarsh.

Step 1

Facing the river, head right and go through the large boulders onto the footpath.

Step 2

Follow the path along to the old Jarrow Bridge where there is an information board.

Step 3

Do not cross the bridge but continue straight along the path, bearing right at the fork.

On your right you will be able to see the ruined monastery through the trees.

Step 4

The path bends to the right and comes out onto Church Bank near the entrance to St Paul's Church and the monastery ruins.

You might like to have a wander through the church grounds and visit the ruins to the right.

Step 5

Continue up Church Bank, straight across the lane and turn right through the entrance of the play park.

There is also plenty of space to play on the large grassed area and several picnic tables around the park.

Step 6

Follow the path past the play area to the far side of the park and head down the shallow steps back to the car park.

Step 7 (optional)

You may also wish to add a visit to Jarrow Hall or The Hive Coffee Company (café) to your trip, behind the play area just a little further up Church Bank.

For more information go to the Jarrow Hall website

Map and map key

Jarrow Jaunt

  1. Car Park
  2. Saint Paul's Church
  3. Monastery Ruins
  4. Play Area
  5. Hive Coffee Company
  6. Jarrow Hall