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Visit Laserforce at Quasar Amusements

Quasar Amusements is the ideal place for the whole family.  

Located within Ocean Beach Pleasure Park, at the heart of South Shields seafront, it offers Laserforce, Laser Maze, Pool, Air Hockey and a whole host of other games.


Set inside a large arena, kitted out with an illuminated Battlesuit and armed with a Phaser Gun, the objective is simple - stalk, shoot and rack up the points. 

Players battle friends or foes within a futuristic interactive arena, where not only can they play against other players but also against the arena itself. 

This is the most advanced computer controlled laser game system and offers a great time for all participants, irrespective of their age or experience. There are several game 'missions' that can be played too. 

Often known by a number of names such as Quasar Laser, Laser Quasar, Laser Tag and Laser Combat, they all have the same goal - kit up and enjoy!

Laser Maze

Individually or in a larger group the Laser Maze is a test of skill, agility and precision.

Press the start button, enter the room and make your way to the other end by stepping over and ducking under the red lasers appearing from the side walls.

Each player starts with 90 seconds and 8000 points. You lose 15 points for every second you take and 150 for every broken beam and there are 3 skill levels to choose from - easy, medium or hard.

Opening times

In line with government instructions Quasar is currently closed.

Normal closing times vary, please check their website.

Admission charges


Prices from only £4.

Laser Maze

  • 15 minute session (up to 6 people): £10
  • 30 minute session (up to 12 people): £20

Both Laserforce and Laser Maze are ideal for birthday parties and corporate events.

Please contact the team for more details and be sure to ask for details of discounts for students, educational groups, sport teams and other recognised groups. 


  • Car and coach parking nearby
  • Toilets
  • Food outlets nearby

Contact details and how to get here